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It is important for provincial residents to evaluate climate change information in a Saskatchewan context. Improving information available to residents of Saskatchewan will ensure that decisions made by them will be appropriate for the future of our provincial environment, economy and society. The Saskatchewan Story describes the challenges and impacts that a changing climate may have on

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Garage Builders Calgary

Calgary is a city that is growing at a very rapid pace.  There are over a million people and the economy is thriving from the oil and gas industry so more and more people are moving to Calgary.  The housing market has exploded and it’s very costly to buy a home now.  So a lot

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Cleaning Services are Really Good at Cleaning

For most homes both in the suburbs and the city, employing the services of a full time maid who will look after your home and clean after you is not an option.  First of all, aside from being fairly expensive to pay for a full time maid service, the fact that there will be fewer

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Catering Services Calgary

Everyone just wants to be on your guest list? In fact, your friends even beg you to throw a dinner party for everyone to gather. Your co-workers even suggests to help you organize the company gathering as long as you give them a heads up of what you’re cooking. All these excitement about your party

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